Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Layout For Sale: Comes With House

Are you looking for a layout with a house attached?

In 1988, I tried to sell my first layout. I posted an advertisement in local hobby shops: “Layout for sale: $80,000. P.S. Comes with house.”

I was reminded of that experience when someone posted a note on about a model railroader in Texas who is trying to sell his house, complete with an outdoor riding layout.

You can see it at (Photo of layout above.)

My layout, with attached house, didn’t sell. I wasn’t surprised. I think it’s pretty rare for something like that to occur.

First off, there are a very small number of potential buyers.

Second, a layout is the personal expression of its creator—it’s hard someone else to take it over.

Third, very few people are searching for a complete layout. (They may want pieces of it, but not the whole thing.)

In the end, I dismantled my old layout. I wonder if the owner of this house will have to do that to his layout, too?

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