Saturday, September 7, 2019


Morgan Turney & Jason Shron visit the M & M Sub.

One of the things I enjoyed best about the M & M Sub. was having visitors over.

While watching trains make their way around the layout, we had many enjoyable conversations.

One thing that was especially gratifying was welcoming friends who didn’t have layouts. Having a chance to run trains with them was always fun.

Some of them brought locomotives to see them run. This provided the M & M Sub. with some interesting visiting power. (See photos in this post.)

One frequent visitor was Morgan Turney, editor and publisher of Canadian Railway Modeller.

He was also the last visitor before the layout became a pile of lumber on the floor.

Which was only appropriate; he was the first person to visit my previous layout, the CP Rail Grimm Valley Sub., back in the early 1990s.

He also made one of the first visits before the M & M Sub. was built.

And now the layout is gone. But the friends I made through it have remained—along with the photos and memories of their visits.


  1. It was always fun visiting the M&M Sub., John, be it when delivering back Ricki, a friendly visit or during your many Open Houses. There was always something new to discover!

  2. I just wish I was able to visit your layout before the end...

  3. Hi John- It must be a very mixed emotions for you having taken down your very successful M&M layout - with now new ideas coming along for your next layout. I'm just starting out on my CSX in HO. Best Wishes. KEV (Australia).

  4. Hi- I'm certainly in awe viewing your great work on your M&M Layout. Very much looking forward to viewing your next efforts on a new model RR. Best Wishes. KEV.