Friday, November 23, 2018

More Great North American Modelling from Europe

What is it with those European model railroaders and their great photography and modelling?

A scoot around the Web brings up some fantastic pictures by modellers from places like Germany (Josef Brandl), Switzerland (Stefan Foerg), France (Phillipe Coquet), and now Sébastien Georges of Belgium.

I came across Sébastien's great modelling on the HO Scale Shelf Layouts Facebook group.

On that group page, Sébastien says he is modelling an area in the northeast U.S. close to the Canadian border.

The layout is 13 feet-long on one side with a 4 foot-six inches leg (an "L" shape).

So why do those Europeans produce such great models and photos? I don't know. 

One possibility is that having smaller layouts, or just dioramas, they have the ability to devote more time and effort to smaller scenes. (Like those trees; they are amazing!)

This is unlike some of us in North America, who have large basement layouts.

Whatever the reason, I'm just glad we get a chance to enjoy great modelling like this.

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