Saturday, May 19, 2018

Update from Bowser: SD40, GP9, RS3

Since I’ve been talking about manufacturers, here’s an update from Bowser.

Lee English sent a note saying that the SD40 tooling is finishing this month (May).

The GP9 tooling is ordered for delivery of the molds later this year. The announcement of road numbers will be made at the NMRA convention this summer. 

Lee says he is making the making CN version first, followed by CP followed and then CN with slug.

He says “a lot of research has been done on the SD30c ECO. This is for next year.”

The American RS3 project is still be tooled, he says, adding “I will be happy when this is done.”

Once the U.S. version of the RS3 is out, “I will be working on other versions,” he says. “I hope to do a CP chop nose, but it will be two years.”

He adds that “I have to make some stuff for the U.S. market. I am hitting your [Canadian] pocket books very hard.”

He concludes by saying “I really appreciate your support for my toys.”

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