Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Announcements from Bowser

More news from Bowser for Canadian modellers (and modellers of Canadian railways)!

This weekend Lee English is officially announcing new production runs of the SD40-2f and SD40-2 models.

The models are due out by January, 2019.

Additionally, Lee tells me he is planning to make the SD40-3 in the 5100 to 5109 series.

As for models currently in production, Lee says that the SD40 is in tooling, the GP9u will be sent to design at the end of the month, and the GP38-2 will be sent to design in March.

The SD40 is only being made in Canadian roads right now.

The new run of SD40-2F units will be in CP,  B&A, and CM&Q, while the SD40-2 has many new road names, including lease units.

As for future Canadian runs, Lee says that he appreciates so much how “Canadian model railroaders have supported Bowser products” that he is “going to make more Canadian models.”

All I can say is, “thanks, Lee!”

That, and do you think we can give him honorary citizenship?

More information on the Bowser website. 

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