Sunday, March 5, 2017

Model Railrugger, a New Model Railroad "Magazine"

If you are of a certain age, like I am, you began this hobby of model railroading on the floor--likely with a Lionel O gauge layout.

Over time, as we aged and progressed in the hobby, we moved to 4 by 8 sheets of plywood and then, ultimately, to more sophisticated benchwork and, maybe, even double-deck layouts.

But some people can't do that. They lack the space, time or resources to build something more permanent. In those cases, the floor is the only option.

For those people, there is a new "magazine:" Model Railrugger.

Found on Facebook, MRR provides a place for people to show photos and videos of their layouts on the floor of their houses and apartment--and some smiles and a bit of fun, too.

Right now, there isn't much in the way of activity, but maybe that will change as more people discover it.

In any event, running on the floor isn't for me, but it does bring back happy memories of my childhood, watching my Lionel trans run around the living room furniture or through my bedroom.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha MR does these every year. Let me guess, it's the April edition. Very good. I love the DCC is too expensive headline. 'Trackplanning with shag and shaver'! Priceless!

  2. My understanding, John, is that the covers were PhotoShopped by someone (NOT ME!) who was fed up with seeing so many posts to Facebook by grownups running expensive, well-detailed models on the floor. It was done as a joke for friends who are similarly frustrated that our great hobby is often made to look infantile. The person who started the Model Railrugger FB page simply grabbed those covers and ran with the concept - and appears to also be making fun of this childish trend.
    We can do better.
    - Trevor