Saturday, October 3, 2015

R.I.P. Andy Sperandeo of Model Railroader

Sad news today from Model Railroader magazine: Andy Sperandeo had died.

Andy had been part of the magazine for over 30 years. The cause of death was cancer and other ailments.

Andy started work at Model Railroader in 1979, becoming editor in 1993. Most recently, he was writing The Operators column. He edited Great Model Railroads since its inception.

I only met Andy once. I was in Madison in 2004. I asked him if I could get a tour of the MR&T layout and MR offices. Andy was an accommodating and gracious host.

He made a great contribution to the hobby. He will be missed.

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  1. Hello 'JDL56',
    I've read Model Railroader since 1978- and over the years enjoyed greatly the efforts of Railroad Modellers such as Andy Sperandeo...through the pages of RM I'd like to think we've come to know these fellows and become very fond of them...I've decided (now in Retirement) to build a Layout with Montana Rail Link as the theme- looking at the Kalmbach book '101 Track Plans' I'm almost 100% sure that Andy Sperandeo's Track Plan will become the inspiration for my modest efforts...and my Shed Layout will be an expansion of Andy's original plan... Andy said in his July 1995 Editorial..."For many of us, part of the fun of model railroading is keeping that excitement alive"...I'm excited to begin a Project inspired by Andy. Regards. KEV.