Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mr. Dressup, Fred Penner, Annie Lebovitz--and Canadian model railroader Bob Boudreau

Canadian model railroader Bob Boudreau is in the news, profiled in The East, a magazine in the Maritimes.

This is great for Bob, and good for me since I can share my admiration for his modelling and photography—and share some of his photos.

Where some model railroaders are known for their layouts, Bob is known for his highly-detailed modelling and for his photography.

In the article, writer Alex Cook says that meeting Bob was one of his first brushes with celebrity, on par with meeting Canadian children's entertainers Mr. Dressup and Fred Penner.

“He was the Annie Leibovitz of the model railroading world,” he says, evoking the famous American photographer.

“King of a niche market, with 32 covers and 851 photos featured in magazines like Model Railroading, Railroad Model Craftsman and the big one, Model Railroader.

As for Bob, he is quoted as saying “I’ve often said to people I don’t know if I’m a modeller that takes pictures, or a photographer that builds models. It’s either or.”

Congrats on the article, Bob!

Visit Bob’s website here. 

Learn about his photography tips and techniques here. 

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