Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Is It Real, Or Is It . . . .

Is it real, or is it tilt shift?

In this case, it’s tilt shift—a photographic technique that is used to create special effects when taking a photo. During tilt shift photography, the camera lens is shifted and tilted at different angles to change the focus of the picture in unusual ways.

The real photo.

In particular, tilt shift photography can make real-life scenes look like miniatures, or models.

The photos on this page were made using TiltShiftMaker, a website that lets you upload a real photo and change it into one that looks like a model. Photos taken from above the subject yield the best results.

TiltShiftMaker lets you transform existing digital photos into cool miniature-style pictures, as on this page.


Tilt shift does amazing things with aerial shots.
This is downtown Winnipeg.

A shout-out to Confessions of a Train Geek, where I first learned about Tilt Shift.


  1. Great pictures, and thanks for the shout-out!

  2. John, you've got me hooked on Tiltshiftmaker. I'd seen the effect before, but that link got me going, and before you know it, I was tilting and shifting about 20 photos. I'll be posting the results to my blog header on Trackside Treasure. One is there now - a Bayview Junction shot of a GO F-unit APU that looks like it's passing through Woodland Scenics ground foam.

    Thanks for sharing,