Friday, December 18, 2009

CP Rail Manitoba & Minnesota Subdivision Track plan

One question that comes up occasionally is a request for a trackplan. Below find one that appeared in an article about my layout in Railroad Model Craftsman.

It's not perfect--some spurs are missing, and the door doesn't open into the layout room as shown on the track plan. And since it was created, I dismantled the upper level on the middle peninsula. But it gives a good idea of what the layout looks like.

An overview: The layout is in a 17 by 21 foot shaped room. The "helix" (where the track climbs over itself twice to gain elevation) is in a storage room that measures 5 by 11 feet.

That's also where my two six-track staging yards are, representing Winnipeg on the upper level and Duluth and Thunder Bay on the lower level.

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  1. Awesome layout! I'm originally from Fort Frances too!