Thursday, May 3, 2012

Model Railroad . . . in a Milk Can?

Isn’t this a great scene? The great-looking trees, the realistic stumps, the lush foliage, the exquisite deadfall, the subtle backdrop—the forest seems to go on forever.

But pull back a bit and . . . what’s this? It’s in a milk can!

Creator Tom Beaton and the milk can.

Yes, that great scene is in a milk can. It was created by B.C. modeler Tom Beaton, a noted author and authority on logging railroads.

Tom was at the 2012 Calgary Supertrain show, displaying his magnificent dioramas—like the one below inside a sonotube (used for making concrete forms).

A close up of the diorama in a sonotube.

Apparently, Tom is well-known for making great-looking dioramas in unusual containers. And why not? If they can build ships in bottles, why not model railroads in milk cans?

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