Thursday, November 14, 2013

First Look At Bowser's New Canadian SD40-2 Locomotives

UPDATE: Bowser posted info and drawings of its new SD40-2 units on Nov. 14. Check them out here.

Bowser is also looking for feedback, to make sure they got the models right. See their website for more info.


Earlier, I reported the great news that Bowser was planning on bringing out an SD40-2 in a number of Canadian variants for the CPR, CN and B.C. Rail.

Well, the models are getting closer to reality; on Friday, Nov. 15, Bowser will post information and drawings  about the models on its website. 

Lee English of Bowser sent me a few drawings of a CP Rail unit to share with readers of this blog in anticipation of the announcement. I look forward to seeing the real things . . . .

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