Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall, Thanksgiving, Trains and Train Shows

Agawa Canyon fall foliage tour train.

It's Thanksgiving in Canada. It's a time for turkey, family, and getting ready for winter.

I like fall, and I like Thanksgiving, too. Canadian Thanksgiving, being tied to the end of Canada’s harvest, takes place in mid-October. Unlike in the U.S., it’s a more relaxed holiday—football, yes, but no major travel and Black Friday sales. Most people spend it cleaning up the garden, raking leaves, or closing the cottage.

(By-the-way, the first Thanksgiving celebration on the North American continent was not—sorry, my American friends—in 1621 with the Pilgrims. It was in 1578 in Canada’s eastern Arctic region, when explorer Martin Frobisher held a celebration of Thanksgiving for a safe journey from England. But I digress.)

More fall action in the Agawa Canyon.

In addition to getting things ready for winter, Thanksgiving in Manitoba also means it’s almost time for the annual train show. I helped organize the show for many years, but haven’t been involved for a while, now. But I’ll be there next weekend at the Winnipeg Model Railroad Club/Manitoba Mega Train Show, Oct. 19-20 at that CanLan Sports Plex, 1871 Ellice Avenue. The show is open from 9-5 both days. More info here.

Since I don’t need anything, I’ll probably just browse, talk to friends, watch the layouts. But maybe I’ll find a treasure, a unique piece of rolling stock or locomotive. Even if I don’t, how can spending time at a train show be anything but a good time?

Anyway, I'm glad it's fall. Fall means winter, winter means spending time in the basement, and basement means trains. Now if only I could take a fall trip on the Agawa Canyon Railway one of these days . . . .

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