Sunday, April 21, 2013

Working on the Railroad: Adding Scenery

Progress so far . . . 

Operations have ground to a halt on the M & M Sub. while I work on scenery.

This is not an uncommon occurrence; when I am painting, ballasting and making scenery, the room and layout become so messy that it is impossible to run trains. All I can do is stick with it and wait for the day when I can once again see trains run--this time through new scenery.

Right now, I'm working on land forms and scenery for the new lower level peninsula. Over the past few months, work was delayed as I experimented with what to do with the area.

The original idea.

At first, I thought I would create a larger small town (an oxymoron?) with lots of buildings. But it just didn't look right; it seemed to busy for an out-of-the way place along the line.

Then I thought I'd take an ultra-minimalist approach--just one singe grain elevator and a spur, surrounded by fields and trees. But that didn't seem right, either.

Ultimately, I adopted the Goldilock's approach of something in the middle; two elevators and a few buildings to give a sense of activity--but not too much. I also added some small hills to provide variety to the terrain; once trees are added, it will help diminish the turn back loop.

The present plan.

That's where it stands right now, at least; by the time I'm done, it could be changed again. Meantime, I continue to work on finishing up the area so I once again can start running trains.

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