Monday, April 22, 2013

KISS and Model Railroading

For most of us model railroaders, KISS means "Keep It Simple, Stupid." For some music fans, it means the rock group KISS.
But for Dave Landels of the Bow Valley Model Railroad Club of Calgary, it means both: KISS, the music group, and model railroading. 

The devoted KISS fan has created a show-stopping module featuring a KISS concert with over 4,000 figures in the crowd--along with the band, music and lights (and, in a nice touch, a row of Porta-Potties).

It took Dave about a month to make the module. The KISS band members are custom-made, and the lighting is from a recycled in-store advertisement.

When not part of the Bow Valley modular layout, the KISS module can be found in Dave's KISS room, as evidenced by the photo he posted on KISS online.


Click here to watch (and hear) a video of the KISS module, and hear an interview with Dave.

Photos of the module from Jeff, from the Canadian Model Trains group on Yahoo!

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