Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rapido's The Canadian As You've Never Seen it Before (and in places you've never seen it before)

The Canadian in Nova Scotia

You can ride VIA’s The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver. Jason Shron, owner of Rapido Trains, has taken his model of The Canadian across the country, showcasing it at hobby shops and train shows.

But you’ve never seen the train like this before.

The photos were taken by artist Jeff Friesen, who took a model of Rapido’s Canadian on a cross-Canada journey, photographing it in various provinces and places from Nova Scotia to B.C.

In Quebec

In notes on his website about the photos, Friesen says “it’s hard to make sense of  living in a big country. Maybe that’s where the sea-to-sea travel urge comes from . . . my own cross-country exploration is done by taking the train, but not in the usual sense. I carry the train rather than it carrying me.”

In Saskatchewan

You have to agree: The photography is inventive, and not a little magical—although I don’t think I’d put a model of The Canadian in water if it belonged to me.

As for Rapido's The Canadian, I always thought it was a work of art; now it's also a work in art!

Anyway, enjoy the photos on this page; for more of Friesen’s cross-country train photography, and to learn more about the artist, click here.

In B.C.

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