Friday, March 2, 2012

Train Geeks and Trackside Treasures

A visitor recently commented on an old post about two blogs I follow. Since posts are easy to lose in a blog, I thought I'd highlight those two blogs again: Confessions of a Train Geek and Trackside Treasure.

Confessions of a Train Geek, by Steve Boyko, is described as a blog about “sightings, photographs, and links for trains, especially in Canada.” In his very first post, in 2005, Steve wrote that it would be a place for “train sightings, and general musings about railways and related subjects.”

It is all of that—and there’s lots of it. Steve is an energetic blogger; since starting seven years ago he has published 2,077 posts. Although he lives here in Manitoba, he also has posts and pages about railways in New Brunswick and other places across Canada.

Click here to visit Confessions of a Train Geek.

Trackside Treasure was started by Eric Gagnon in 2008. His posts are well-researched and comprehensive, featuring the Canadian prairies, Ontario (especially around Kingston) and VIA Rail.

In his first post, Eric noted that not everyone might see his posts as treasures, but “they are to me, and I hope they might be to you. I've heard lots of people say, ‘I watched and photographed lots of trains, but I wish I'd written some of this stuff down.’ I did, but what's the use of keeping it to myself, if it might interest someone else?”

In addition to Trackside Treasure, Eric has published a real book—on paper and everything! It’s called Trackside With VIA: The First 35 Years.

Click here to visit Trackside Treasure.

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