Friday, December 30, 2011

Layout Progress: Done! (Sort Of)

It's taken awhile, but trains are finally running on the new one-level centre penninsula. Yesterday I reconnected the track leading from the Fort Frances yard, around the penninsula and into the storage room with the lower level loop and helix. It's good to finally have this part of the reconstruction done!

Now comes the fun part: Scenery. Right now I'm thinking I will reconstitute the old upper level town of Ritchie (named after my good friend Rick Ritchie) on the new lower level, albeit with fewer sidings.  I don't intend to install a view block between the tracks on either side of the penninsula, though--just some hills and lots of trees.

Altogether, the new addition adds just over a minute of running time to the layout; including the helix, it takes about seven minutes between staging yards.

In other words, it's been a constructive Christmas break. Now I can take my time to creat new scenery over the next months.

Below find a photographic timeline of the progress to date.

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