Monday, August 29, 2011

Private Owner's Train II

Modelling inspiration comes from various places. One source of inspiration for me came in 1992, during a visit to Cranbrook, B.C.

While there, I was lucky enough to catch a private owner's train in the yard. That chance encounter resulted in one of the more enjoyable aspects of model railroading for me--modelling a private owner's train on my layout.

I recently came across a couple of photos I took during that visit. I scanned them and have posted them above and below.

I don't know anything about that train--how it came to be there, or who owned the cars. All I know is that it set me on an enjoyable modelling path as I have collected colourful passengere cars from various railroads across North America to assemble my own private owner's train.

For more about my private owner's train, see Private Owner's Train on the CP Rail M & M Sub.

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