Monday, August 19, 2013


Half-a-million views--amazing.

That's how many views this blog has received since I started it in July, 2009.

As I said when the blog reached 50,000 views in October of that year, 100,000 in 2011, and 250,000 in 2012, I started writing about my layout and other train-related things because it gave me a creative outlet away from day-to-day work stresses and issues.

The idea that it would be viewed so many times never occurred to me as even a remote possibility.

But like the private owner's train on the M & M Sub. in the photo above, once the blog started rolling more and more people seemed interested in getting on board. Thanks for coming along on the trip!

P.S. And I got some good news from the good folks at Statcounter, who keep track of the number of views on the blog. Apparently all that comment spam the blog receives is not recorded, so the view count represents honest-to-goodness real people who are interested in trains.


  1. Why did you reach the mark so quickly? Simply, this is an excellent blog. Regular posts with interesting takes on the world of real and prototype trains that are well-written, to the point and enhanced by a nice mix of photos. I enjoy each post. Please keep it up and congratulations.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Back on Track!

  3. Well done!
    I'm not suprised that you've reached half a million, your blog is a well written, thoughtfull and most importantly interesting read, even for someone from over the pond with only a passing interest in the U.S. railroading scene!

  4. Thanks, Paul B. Much appreciated.

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is always entertaining to read.

  6. Congratulations from one of your many anonymous readers!

  7. No intimidating text,&,Great pictures!