Friday, January 18, 2013

Self Coupling HO Scale Air Hoses: This is Cool!

With all the advances in model railroading today, I shouldn't be surprised by any new and amazing technologies or products. But I have to admit that I never saw this coming: Self coupling HO scale air hoses.

The new product is made by a company called Fairway Park Model Products, based in Surrey, B.C. The hoses--which appear to work through magnetism--can be found for sale on ebay. (Cost is $6.60 for four cars, plus shipping.) The company's website is not yet up. (

Fairway Park has made a video where you can see the hoses in action, connecting and unconnecting automatically; check it out here.

My question is: What happens to the hoses if you use magnets in the tracks for uncoupling? And can the cars be reversed?

In any event, congrats to Fairway Park for coming up with something truly innovative.

I wonder how many modellers will start adding the hoses to their fleets?

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