Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So That's How They Ballast Track in Norway

Or, at least, that’s what the photo above might make you believe.

Actually, it’s a creative photo by a Norwegian modeler who goes by the name of “Jevistad.” I was made aware of his great layout by a poster on Railroad Line Forums.

The caption on the photo says: “Er ikke helt fornøyd med fargen på ballasten, så nå blir det lagt på usmusset."

All I understand is the word “ballast.” A Norwegian to English translator tells me it says: “Aren't absolutely satisfied along with color at the ballast, saw now becomes facts stuck at usmusset.”

No matter; in any language, it’s a great layout, as the photos below attest.

Jevistad also has a channel on YouTube; click here to see the layout in action. You can see more photos at

According to the poster on Railroad Line Forums, the layout is called Indre Stambane, which in English means the Inner Mainline. It’s a fictitious “what if” layout, but he says “it has all the typical Norwegian details . . . the scenes are like the real thing and the scenery is typical in Norway.”

Maybe it’s time for Great Norwegian Layouts!


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