Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Free Vintage Signs

One way to help set a layout’s location and era is signs—on buildings and billboards. But where to get them, especially if you are looking for vintage signage?

One good place is a business that sells old metal signs—a business like Tin Sign City. The company, which sells metal signs for use as home décor, posts photos of the signs it sells on its website. A sampling of the signs it carries is posted here.

No 1950s layout should be
without one of these!

All a modeler needs to do is copy them, insert the pictures into a Word document, re-size them and print them. That, plus add them to the layout.

Signs on the website include old advertising, gas stations and automotive, businesses, aviation, bars, beer, baseball, cigarettes, coffee, agricultural, road signs and railroad logos and signs. There are hundreds to choose from.

Those were the days . . .

You can visit the website by clicking here.

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