Thursday, January 26, 2012

InterMountain CP Rail SD40-2 Units: Could it Happen?

A new InterMountain SD40-2; will they
make one in CP Rail, too?

Long time readers of this blog know that I would like nothing better than a quality CP Rail SD40-2 unit.

My best bet would be Atlas, but they don't seem to going in that direction. Athearn has made one in CP Rail livery, but it is a generic model in Action Red.

But now there's hope: InterMountain has announced they will make the SD40-2, and that they intend to produce "every configuration" of this iconic unit in HO scale over the next few years. Right now, they are offering the unit in UP, SF, BN, ICE, CSX, NS, Pan Am and GATX.

Since CP Rail purchased hundreds of these units (it was one of the largest buyers), I am hoping InterMountain will make them for that railway, too--with the proper noses, headlight positions, bell, railings and steps. (I can always dream!)

I decided to ask the company if that was the case. The answer wasn't yes, but it wasn't no.

Here's what Richard Frazier of InterMountain said in reply:

"This was a very popular prototype and it is our intention to produce many of these models. Though the specific model you mention is not currently on the list, I would keep an eye out for future announcements."

So there's hope!

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