Friday, December 27, 2013

Aberfoyle Junction Layout Back Up and Running Again

The Aberfoyle Junction: Back together again.

Big news on the Canadian model railway scene: The Aberfoyle Junction is open again!

Actually, the layout, now called the St. Jacobs and Aberfoyle Model Railway, has been open for about two months now. (Takes a while for word to get this far west, I guess.)

New control tower.

Originally scheduled to re-open in the town of St. Jacobs, Ont. in 2014, somehow the club members and their friends got the magnificent O scale layout up and running ahead of time.

Following the last run in spring, 2012, the layout was cut into 51 sections and moved to its new location. It took an estimated 10,000 hours to put it back together again.

While the layout has been put together exactly as before, it does contain a few new scenes. But the biggest change from the previous layout is the control tower--there no longer is one in the centre of the layout. All trains are now controlled from second floor room at the rear of the layout room.

Click here to visit the St. Jacobs & Aberfoyle website.

To see photos I took of the layout in its former location, click here. To see a video I made of the layout in operation at its former location, click here.

Photos from the Kitchener-Waterloo Record and the layout's new website.

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