Saturday, February 9, 2013

Great Canadian Model Railroad (Diorama Division): Dwight Kjartanson's Ashwood Road Module

Winnipeg has a lot of great modellers, such as Dwight Kjartanson.

A number of years ago, Dwight built this module for the Renegades Model Railroad Club (now disbanded). It quickly became a highlight of the layout, due to its amazing trackwork.

The track is all Shinohara, with code 100 on the main tracks and code 70 in the yards. Dwight heavily kitbashed the double crossover-slip switch; the other switches were modified  for reliability. 

The road is drywall mud with Poly Scale mixed in so that chips or gouges won’t be white. The surface is painted and stained with Poly Scale.

The green house and garage are scratchbuilt, and the red house and garage are kitbashed. The signals and related items are all scratchbuilt, except for the switch machines.

The handcar shed is a resin kit. The trees are made from a honeysuckle bush and Woodland Scenics foliage.

The utility poles are kitbashed from Atlas, and the fences are kitbashed, except for the green one which is scratchbuilt.

Dwight's module was featured at the 1999 NMRA convention in St. Paul, MN, and has been shown in Canadian Railway Modeller and Railroad Model Craftsman.

These days the module is in storage at Dwight's house; today he spends most of his model railroad time on the Assiniboine Valley Railway, a 1.6" scale,7.5" gauge “layout” located on a seven acre site at the home of Winnipegger Bill Taylor. On the AVR, Dwight is Vice-President in charge of "signals and control of nuts running reds."

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