Saturday, June 9, 2012

Through the Window of a Train

Since I used to work in the book publishing industry, I have a soft spot—and a deep sense of admiration—for anyone who tries to write and publish a book. This is especially true for anyone whose last name isn’t King, Grisham or Rowling, or if the book doesn’t include wizards, knights or vampires. For the vast majority of authors, writing is hard, getting published is harder and actually selling books is almost impossible.

That’s why I’m always happy to highlight authors like Winnipegger Barbara Lange, who has edited Through the Window of a Train: A Railway Anthology (Borealis Press). The book, a collection of 30 stories by Canadian authors, retells and remembers the significant role railways once played for almost all Canadians.

On a sort of related note, click here to hear a song titled Through the Window of a Train by the contemporary bluegrass group Blue Highway.

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