Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Doubleheader's Tour: Another Check Off the Bucket List

Charlie Ellis' CNR/CPR/BAR in New Brunswick

I checked another thing off my Model Railroad bucket list recently: I attended the 2017 Doubleheaders layout tour in the Kitchener/Waterloo, Ont. region.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Doubleheaders, it is an annual self-guided tour of local layouts for the public. $8 got you a pass to visit 31 layouts, along with four more in the registration room.

As if that was possible in one day! I managed to see five layouts, including the not-to-be-missed Waterloo Region Model Railroad Club. (Which I saw for the third time.)

Chris Bramble's Central Ontario Sub.

On this page are photos of some of the layouts I visited, along with a few observations about the tour.

First, modellers in southwestern Ontario seem to like to handlay track! Maybe it’s because it’s the home of Fast Tracks, or perhaps there is something in the water.

Peter Wright's Panhandle & Santa Fe

Second, every layout I visited used DCC. I truly am a dinosaur, still using DC.

Third, all of them also employed sound. Fortunately, all kept the sound down low—no loud cacophony from several locomotives operating at the same time.

Fourth—and reassuringly—all of the layouts had a problem or two while I was there. A piece of track where a train would always derail; a pilot truck that kept derailing; a locomotive that wouldn’t work; or some other gremlin-inspired malady.

Mark Van Runt's North Shore Central

I was glad to see it doesn’t happen only to me!

Fifth, it was great to see layouts in various states of completion. We are accustomed to seeing only finished layouts in the pages of the hobby press.

But most layouts aren’t like that; they take years to be “finished.” For long stretches of time they are nothing but track and plywood, with temporary or no structures or scenery.

Sixth, it was also good to peek into a few workshops—that’s where the magic happens! Good to see that other modellers also have lots of projects on the go. It was also good to peek behind the scenes to see staging yards.

Jeff Pinchbeck's CPR Sutherland Sub.

Anyway, it was a great experience; maybe I will be able to arrange business travel to coincide with a future Doubleheader’s tour and visit some more layouts one day.

I hear the ones in Baden are well-worth seeing . . . .

Waterloo Region Model Railway Club

A few more photos from my visits are below.

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