Saturday, February 4, 2017

Canada 150 and VIA Rail

Canada is 150 years old in 2017—a mere child compared to countries in Europe, and a toddler compared to ancient Middle Eastern and Asian civilizations.

But still, it’s a big deal being around this long, and the country is celebrating in various ways.

This includes VIA Rail, which has decorated locomotive 916 and LRC 3356 in Canada 150 colours and markings.

Unlike when Canada turned 100, back in 1967, there is no special train like the Confederation Train crossing the country to showcase our history. There isn’t even anything like the Grey Cup 100th anniversary train, either; a whole train dedicated to that topic.

The best we can do this year is to stand trackside, and if we are lucky be able to watch as history passes by.

Thanks to Ian Deck for the photos on this page; he has more on his Flickr page. Thanks also to Trackside Treasure and Malcolm Peakman for the shot below.


  1. Correction: Malcolm Peakman photo, John.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Eric.

  3. Why not more red and white? Those are Canada's official colours. I realise that blue and yellow are VIA Rail's historic colours, but we are talking about a national anniversary.