Monday, April 20, 2015

CP Rail SD40-2F Red Barn Update: Model Variations and Note from Lee English of Bowser

Earlier, when Bowser announced its Canadian-style SD40-2, I asked CEO Lee English if he planned to also do the CP Rail SD40-2F Red Barn.

The answer, back then in 2013, was no; he had no plans to bring out the distinctive and unique unit.

But then something changed. Today I asked Lee why.

He replied that it was partly because they already had the SD40-2 frame, and also because he knew Canadians would be interested in the model.

But here was also an element of whimsy, he said. 

Although he had initially decided against making the model, there was always a chance he would change his mind--as his staff will testify, he said.

"If I walk up to Scott or Rich (my researchers) and want to talk they will say 'Now what has changed?'

"One thing I learned working with my Dad is that the first idea is not always the right idea.  Also the second, third, fourth and more my not be good either."

As for me, I'm glad Lee's first idea not to make the SD40-2F wasn't his last idea!

In terms of the model itself, Lee says there will be two nose doors variations: One with port hole and one without. 

The horn locations will be by road numbers and there will be two paints schemes (CP Rail and Twin Flags). The three class lights will be individually controlled.

As for release date, they are aiming for 2016.

Photo credit Ron Wischer.

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