Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good News for Alco fans: CPR MLW Units in Cranbrook, B.C. Getting a Face Lift

Good news for Alco fans: Ex-CPR MLW (Alco) FA-2 4090 and FB-2 4469 on display in Cranbrook, B.C. are getting a cosmetic face lift, thanks to the city's Sunrise Rotary Club.

With assistance from Cranbrook's Downtown Business Association, the two units will be repainted into the classic CPR maroon and grey livery. The Club hopes to have the job completed by July, this year.

The units in 2011.

In addition to the repainting, the Club will also do some landscaping and add a story board about the two units, which were built in 1953.

The units belong to the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, which is located just south of where the units are located on highway 3/95.

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  1. Classic power, John. I really enjoyed that modern CP header photo that came up on your blog as well.